OS_Unit 2_Part_1

Unit-II Scheduling-Part 1

  • Scheduling Workload Assumptions, Scheduling Metrics, First In, First Out (FIFO), Shortest Job First (SJF), Shortest Time-to-Completion First (STCF),
  • A New Metric: Response Time, Round Robin, Incorporating I/O,
  • The Multi-Level Feedback Queue, The Priority Boost, Attempt, Better Accounting, Multiprocessor Scheduling, Synchronization, Cache Affinity,
  • Single-Queue Scheduling, Multi-Queue Scheduling, Linux Multiprocessor Schedulers

OS_Unit 1

Unit-I : Introduction

  • Introduction to Operating System: Virtualizing the CPU, Virtualizing Memory, Concurrency, Persistence, Design Goals, Some History
  • The Process: Process abstraction, System calls for Process management, Process Creation: A Little More Detail, Process States, Data Structures, Process execution mechanisms Process API, Process Control and Users, Useful Tools.